Shipping & Returns

Membership Online Payment Policy:

We accept payment by:
* Visa
* Mastercard
* American Express
Harmonzied Sales Tax (HST) will be charged on all items. Children’s apparel and books are charged 5% HST, all other items are charged 13% HST. Taxes will be calculated and added to your total before confirmation of your purchase.

Membership Online Returns and Exchanges Policy:

Toronto Zoo Membership are non-transferable and non-refundable. One peice of photo ID is required to be presented along with Membership Card. Use by unauthorized persons may result in the forfeiture of the card.

Event Online Returns and Exchanges Policy:

Toronto Zoo event registrations and tickets are non-transderable and non-refundable. Lost, stolen or destroyed tickets will not be honoured or accepted. Tickets only obtained from Us are accepted. Any other tickets will be considered lost, stolen or counterfeit tickets and will not be honoured or accepted. The ticket may not be resold or offered for resale by anyone without our permission and may not be resold at a price exceeding its face value at any time.